About Our Nonprofit

As a nonprofit that's built to profit you, we provide countless short-term
education programs designed for any learner. We provide free to
low cost certification programs in the areas of technology, business, and
skilled trades. We support veterans, students, and individuals of all
races and backgrounds without hesitation into any of our programs.

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Master Your Craft

Earn the Career You Want

Our objective is to academically prepare students in careers related to Data Science and Analytics. Included careers are DevOps Specialists, Data Scientists, SQL Developers, Data Engineers, Actuarial Scientists, and Software Developers . Students will learn the role of enterprise data systems in business and why they are vital to the success of any organizations.

Expert Instructors

Gain direction from industry standard leadership and developers. At The Aurom, we pride ourselves on our expert built curriculum, student centric leadership, and mastery. There is no other program in Houston that touts the intelligence and delivery of our instructors.


Providing the tech programs you need without breaking the bank! That’s right…we offer grants, scholarships, and financial assistance to all students. No student will ever lose out on their success due to an inability to pay.

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